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Core renewal Line started in Oulu
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Core Handling Ltd offers you ways to cut the cost of paper roll cores by offering ways for recycling and reconditioning the used cores. This results to savings up to 50% of the related cost, meaning €500.000 annually for a big mill. Smaller volumes can be handled economically, too.


The damaged parts of the cores are cut off, the healthy parts are joined together. The joint is as good as the healthy core, both in strength and dimensions. The process is automated and can be operated unmanned or with little personnel effort.


The cost of buying cores can often be cut to half. Sometimes no new cores are needed at all, if there are used cores available also from local printing houses or alike.


Increase Your Profit

Our customers have been able to reduce the amount of new core purchases after having implemented our core recycling service.

Improve Your Ecological Footprint

By utilizing the cores several times, the amount of core waste is dramatically reduced. Thus, your mill’s eco-balance is improved a lot. Companies using Core Handling’s core recycling line have won environmental awards!

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