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Traditional methods

Traditional method of crushing, repulping, making board and finally cores, is very energy intensive and requires lots of transportation. Another alternative is manual core sorting and cutting to shorter lengths. However, these require a lot of workforce and space, thus being very costly.

Modern method for recycling cores

Released cores are collected from the unwinder and taken to the CORECO core renewal line, either by a conveyer or with a forklift. Deformed/damaged core ends are cut off and the remaining healthy parts are joined together in the CORECO machine based on patented technology. Result: Good quality core at reduced cost.

In many cases, the renewed core dimensions are more accurate than those of virgin cores, which reduces the amount of production problems. The damaged parts are taken to crushing by a conveyor. The core extension line can be equipped with an integrated core cutter, which cuts the cores directly to the desired trim length.

The system is designed to be operated automatically – unmanned – or semi-automatically. The unit processes have been finetuned and balanced to work reliably and accurately. Operation is versatile, allowing the system to handle the variety of cores.

The layout of the system is tailor-made for the space available in the mill. Our engineers will design together with the mill and chosen engineering consultants. Documentation and commissioning will ensure smooth production operation.

CORECO Production Line - Our unique concept is the base for our service

The Core Extension Process consists of the following steps:

  • Cutting off the deformed end, machining a female cone to core No. 1
  • Cutting off the deformed end, machining a male cone to core No. 2
  • Applying adhesive onto the male cone
  • Pressing the cones together
  • Grinding of the joint outside
  • Cutting the renewed core to the desired length
  • Start the process again for the next joint at the other end of core No. 2

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