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Core Business is our
Core Business


Our proprietary Core Handling technology is available as:

  • Own investment: totally in your own control
  • External service: no capital or own personnel bound
  • A combination of these

You will choose which form improves most your operating efficiency, Core Handling takes care of the rest.

By evaluating the operating economy together with Core Handling team, a suitable form of operation can be chosen.

The Core Handling recycling process

Core Reneval as a Service Activity

By utilizing Core Handling method, you will increase your operating efficiency. Instead of manual sorting and cutting, the recycled cores can be treated in the same way as incoming new cores. Our CORECO production line can be implemented either as an integrated part of your core logistics onsite or core renewal can be done externally. In both cases, you benefit from efficient and high quality core renewal and recycling without making any additional investment.

Core recycling can be implemented as an external service activity or it can be integrated and operated in the mill. It can also be handled outside, as a part of pallet workshop or alike. This increases the business volumes and makes the local supplier network more healthy. It can be handled by the regular suppliers of the mill or arranged by Core Handling Ltd.

Even mills with smaller core flows can achieve all the advantages of our service concept. Core Handling’s Service Unit can be implemented to serve several mills by combining core flows from various sources and to various users. With local operation, transportation is minimized, and storage space need reduced.

Core Handling’s Service Concept

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